Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Florian Brand

Florian Brand is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of atai Life Sciences, a global biotech company builder with the vision of ultimately ending mental health disorders. Prior to joining atai, Florian was the Managing Director of Springlane, Germany’s leading online kitchen appliance retailer.

Although Florian suffered from anxiety in his youth, he was able to achieve remission through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and robust meditation practice. Nevertheless, his experiences seeing his friends and loved ones failed by the mental healthcare system inspired him to join the movement to transform the treatment landscape for patients who have been unable to find relief in currently available therapies.

“We know that mental healthcare is likely the single largest unmet medical need in the world. We know that what’s out there now isn’t working. And we know that there are better options. So, let’s bridge the gap together.”

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