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Shared operational backbone

Our central organization provides operating leverage to our teams by providing shared services and expertise, such as scientific insight, intellectual property, strategy, data analytics and clinical and regulatory support.
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Deep domain expertise

atai’s companies benefit from our extensive mental health drug development expertise, as well as our network of leading scientific and business advisors who guide the development of each of our programs.
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Efficient cost structure

We believe our shared operational model enables us to minimize overhead costs that may otherwise be incurred by individual companies that are required to build out full non-research and development support functions and fixed cost infrastructure, despite relatively small pipelines.
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Enabling platform technologies

Leveraging proprietary technology to accelerate drug discovery, reposition existing molecules with big data approaches, and improve patient outcomes with digital therapeutics.
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Entrepreneurial incentives

Each program is supported by a team of experts and specialists who are economically incentivized to achieve success. This creates an intense focus on advancing drug candidates for patients.

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