Perception Neuroscience, an ATAI Life Sciences company, is a biopharmaceutical company developing arketamine therapy for neuropsychiatric diseases. Perception’s mission is to provide substantially more effective treatment solutions to serious psychiatric disorders.

Perception Neuroscience’s lead product is the NMDA antagonist arketamine (PCN 101), a single isomer of ketamine. Arketamine belongs to a new generation of glutamate receptor modulators with the potential for rapid acting antidepressant (RAAD) activity and anti-suicidal effects. These new RAAD drugs are expected to be more efficacious than current FDA-approved anti-depressant therapies, which often take weeks to achieve maximal effectiveness, if at all. Ketamine, as described in the journal Science “is arguably the most important discovery in half a century” of research in depression, and arketamine is anticipated to differentiate robustly from other development stage RAAD’s on both efficacy and safety.

Perception Neuroscience was founded on the basis of strong evidence, both in animal models as well as in normal human volunteers, that arketamine has an improved profile versus both racemic ketamine, as well as esketamine, both in terms of efficacy as well as safety. Clinical trials will begin in early 2019.

Perception Neuroscience is based in New York City and also has an Office in Melbourne, Australia.

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ATAI is looking into different ways to increase the human healthspan and reverse aging

Technological advances in areas like genomics, stem cell therapy, immunology and nanotechnology will change how we age.

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Strategy and investor relations

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Drug discovery and compound sourcing

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Drug development and operations

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Drug discovery and compound sourcing

ATAI is supporting the revival of psychedelic compounds, such as psilocybin and ketamine, in the treatment of mental health conditions

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions are increasingly becoming a burden for patients, families and societies.

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ATAI is leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to optimize and accelerate the drug development process

Technological innovation will enable us to consolidate and make sense of vast amounts of previously inaccessible data.

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