Senior Software Engineer

Kent Thompson

Kent has over thirty-plus years in software engineering. He still has a passion for engineering, and humbly suggests he has experienced a deep, yet broad and diverse career that provides the right mix of skills to thrive and the cognition to take it to the next level at atai. Twenty-plus years’ experience with web development and thirty-plus years in scientific software engineering and business ownership. Has a history in medical software as well. He still very much enjoys learning and teaching new technologies.

Kent was Technical Lead and Architect of The Raytheon Data Acquisition System (DAS), a high-performance, sensor laden system, all developed and written in C++ using extensive imaging, data processing, metrology and visualization coupled with low-level graphics and animation and high-performance networking. Member of the Raytheon Architecture Team.

A billion dollars of resources and activity at Raytheon were managed annually through software systems Kent created, designed, deployed, and maintained with the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Also worked for what became HealthNet as a Principal Software engineer. It was a full-blown medical plan “ERP” system. Also enjoys medical device imaging and processing (DICOM, raw imaging).

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